Alu Alu Foil For Pharmaceuticals Use

Alu Alu Foil for pharmatical use

alu alu foil for pharmaceuticals use,tablet packaging materials can absolutely resist vapor, oxygen and UV rays with good performance of aroma barrier.Each blister is a single protection unit, no effect to barrier after opening first cavity. Cold forming foil is suitable to pack drugs that easy to be affected in wet regions and tropics.It can be shaped in various appearance by changing stamping mold, simultaneously, its glorious silvery white luster no doubt can promote sales.   Features:  tablet packaging materials has excellent raw materials and advanced process, suitable for deep draw bigger blister. High dimensional stability after cold forming Suitable for high speed processing.   Specification:  1.Suitable for big bubble.  2. Suitable for high speed processing  3. GMP and SGS   Other Description:tablet packaging materials Cold forming foil (Al-Al Foil), OPA/Alu/PVC, OPA/Alu/PP & OPA/Alu/PE represents the new generation in pharmaceutical packaging. It is the material with the best barrier performance at present. Nowadays, Cold formed foil packaging has been alias of high grade drugs.